With faith, nature, love

Napsárkán Pince is an environmentally conscious – or we can say holistic and organic – winery in the Badacsony wine region, which produces high-quality wines in small quantities, striving for naturalness. The original roots of the cellar go back to the 1920s, while the winery that operates today is run by Tünde Szabó, who believes in the naturalness of grapes and wine, their spiritual, all-pervading power, and their positive impact on life. The winery produces wines in this spirit, primarily from Italian Riesling, Rieslingszylvani, Pinor Gris, Rhine Riesling, and Pinot Noir grape varieties.

Family and tradition

The roots of the cellar go back to 1928, when my great-grandfather bought the heart and soul of the farm on the south-eastern slopes of the mountain, where now almost 50-year-old Italian Rieslings are gifted year after year by the earth and sunlight, with the help of the mountain’s liquid gold. Since then, this area has produced the best and noblest wines and has been the center. I regard the viticultural traditions of the Badacsony wine region as well as family traditions as important values. The members of my family with viticultural roots try to help in everyfield, so the wine that ends up in the bottles is a real „child of a large family”, in which the result of the work of so many helping can be seen. Ultimately, this makes each wine I make unique and each vintage unrepeatable.

My goal is to reach as many wine lovers as possible with my wines, and to have high-quality wine on family tables as well as get together with friends frequently, thus enriching the experiences of consumers.

Naturalness in every field

„Grapes are the most perfect plants in the world” – that’s what I think. If it’s the most perfect think then we are not presented but righter! I try to produce the grapes and the wine made from them in the most natural way, so that artificial flavors, aromas and colors are not present, but rather the unique character of the fruit and the place of production. In addition to naturalness, the offer of my winery includes both oxidative natural wines and reductive technological ones, which are made in two different cellars.

Various insects and birds are natural helpers in my gardens, but cats, dogs and foxes are regular  guests. Occasionally, wild animals also pop in the spirit of environmentally conscious thinking, I try to buy everything from local producers in order to leave as small ecological footprint as possible with my daily activities. Nature comes first!